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Pin-Ups = Vintage Inspiration

Who doesn’t love Pin-ups?

These pretty ladies have been out there for over 50, 60 years, and still look fresh and awesome. They are great source of inspiration! Vintage posters will rock once you fix a pin-up in it… but first you must find the right theme… and errr yeah, there are a LOT of themes for these pin-ups. Hope… read more

Hitchcock’s Portfolio by Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair brings us Hitchcock’s portfolio, doesn’t it look awesome?

Back in February of 2008 Vanity Fair ran a feature on Hitchcocks work. I think it’s pretty awesome how some people get so much recognition that their work keep getting featured decades later their death. That’s a cool way to remember the master of suspense.

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Andrea Loucas – Make Up Artist

Andrea Loucas – Make Up Artist

Our in house make up artist, Andrea Loucas. She’s little, she’s Greek. We love her. Andrea can turn her hand to many styles from glamour and fashion to special effects. Very talented, warm and approachable girl.

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Testing the syndication

Just making sure my new site posts to facebook, twitter linked in and tumblr… BOOM!

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Reviews eh? …reviews of what?

From time to time I get to play with some new kit or new software. Ill post my findings here on anything thats worth getting hold of or anything thats worth really avoiding!

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Advice for creatives

Here I will post advice to fellow creatives on industry practice and I may even throw in a few tutorials.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Answers to those questions that just seem to keep coming up…

I want to be a model do you have any advice?

If I could offer you one pearl of wisdom it would be this. Don‚Äôt shoot with anyone that asks! I feel rather strongly about this, every day I hear of girls being told by photographers (amateur and professional)… read more

Mirage Boardshort 2 – Behind Mirage

httpv:// For fans of the “frozen bullet” effect from the Matrix – here is a pretty awesome series of “shots” by Timeslice Films for RipCurl using 52 Canon T2i cameras.   Add a little rain and short circuits, fried computers and hard drives,  and of course a few lost cameras and perseverance – and you get something pretty spectacular.

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Website V.2, it’s here!!!

Welcome to the second generation of my website. Yeah the last one will be missed, its was very pretty (see it here) but it was Flash. Which in modern internet terms makes it a dinosaur! It just wasnt supported by mobile browsers or tablets so people couldnt ¬†get access on the move. The Flash platform also didn’t allow… read more