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Developing Your Photographic Style: Excerpt From A Chat with Zack Arias

I recently got a flood of questions via Twitter asking about developing a personal photographic style, which made me think about a million conversations I’ve had with my photographer buddies over the years… And I was wishing I had recorded those. And then I remembered that I DID have one that I recorded from an old chasejarvis LIVE with my …

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IKONOSKOP – 16mm digital cinema camera

This is just a sign of where things are headed – it’s going to be FUN to be a digital cinematographer in the upcoming years!   Cameras are getting smaller and lighter (not always a good thing… but often it is!)  and more affordable.    Sensors are getting better (note that this camera has a CCD sensor not CMOS)  and …

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Creative Mojo, Change Your Life, Make a Difference — Chris Jordan #cjLIVE Rewatch

Few people that I know who have ever encountered photographer Chris Jordan’s work can dismiss or forget it, let alone NOT be inspired to action. Here’s a re-watch of this TRULY inspiring chasejarvisLIVE episode with the eye-opening Mr. Chris Jordan.

Wondering about how to leave your safe job and become a photographer?
Want to get out from under that blanket …

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Will the number “3″ be a significant number?

A week ago – Canon announced a big event that would take place on November 3rd, 2011.   They have reportedly invited many of Hollywood’s elite to an event on in Hollywood and are making a quote "Historic Global Annoucement."    Canon is not known for hyperbole.

Yesterday – Jim Jannard of RED Announced that the details of the …

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Socially Connected Creatives Make More Money, Have More Success

Hey there Mr./Ms. Creative. How are your social skills?

Think you can get by on raw talent? Think your agent, rep, manager or business partner is going to take care of that fluffy customer-facing stuff so you can be a reclusive artist, camera-hider-behinder? Think again. Like it or not, the feeling you’ve been feeling all along is becoming more pronounced. …

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London Riot Photographer Amy Weston Tells All About Getting The Shot

Photo by Amy Weston/

You might recall my recent post in the wake of the London riots, where we discuss photographer Amy Weston capturing a woman jumping from a burning building here. I’ve been in those situations a few of times, even though I’m not a photojournalist by trade and I raised the question of whether I should be… read more

Gear Details: How We Shot “Dasein: Art of Being” Documentary

NYC street doc setupHey friends.  Erik the video guy here. We’ve had a bunch of YOUR questions come in about what gear/process/technique we used to make the Dasein docu-short we posted a couple days ago so I thought I’d chime in with a quick gear- and technique-specific follow up on how this film was made. 

First, Chase was the director on the project …

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Here are some random iPhone pics from the past 2 weeks of our…

Charley Boorman and Me

Flying over the dune sea near Swakopmund

Here are some random iPhone pics from the past 2 weeks of our trip.  We are now starting week #3 of our road-trip around Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and South Africa.  So far we had a ton of fun and some not so fun times (getting our car stuck …

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