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My First Solo Book: VISUAL STORIES

I’m proud to announce my first solo book: VISUAL STORIES.

The book is available now for pre-order and comes in both eBook and as a printed book of course,  and will hit the shelves on November 14th.  

I’ve been a included in more than two dozen books over the years – but this is the first one that …

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Upcoming workshop: Masters in Motion – Austin, TX

On November 14-16th I will be speaking at the Masters in Motion conference and leading workshops at the Alamo Draft House in Austin, TX.  

The three day event is a series of nine in depth presentations, spanning the spectrum of filmmaking – from the technical to the imaginative. Speaking alongside me will be Philip Bloom, Tom Guilmette, …

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Sunday lunch!

Awesome Sunday lunch, really feel like having a nap now but far to much to do before Annabelle arrives tomorrow!




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New website is Live!

There’s a couple of bugs still, but I’m itching to switch it live. Hope you guys like it!


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Pumpkin carving 2011

Pumpkin carving in the Morley house is becoming quite a thing. We have done this now for 3 years and this year we have had to do it early due to us expecting a visitor on the 31st 🙂 Ellie always sets out with a million plans and ends up with the scariest looking pumpkin around. I thought it would… read more

Creative Concept

I’ve sketched up this design for a creative work, you can see I’m not exactly the best at this stuff! Anyway I like how it’s turned out and it should be a good time creating it!


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Inducing a shoe fetish?

Some of you will know that I am expecting a new baby on the 31st of October. Annabelle Frances Morley. We are all prepared for her now and Monique has had enough of being pregnant. I walked into her room last night to do a final mental check on what we have and what we don’t and realised that I… read more

Getting some makeup done

Here is what we are up to today, the wonderful Andrea Louca putting some make up on a new model. Since we are working in my studio I take this time to drink tea and throw a few shapes to some good tunes… Awesome!20111028-112241.jpg

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Extremely useful App to calculate data usage & space needed – KataData

 As silly as it is – trying to calculate how much hard drive or card space one will need for a particular shot or project can become extremely complex.   Now, let me clarify that …  Once you factor in the different compression settings, resolutions, frame rates etc -it can be downright maddening!

Here is an incredibly graceful app that …

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Think You Don’t Need to Focus? Think Again.

Been tons of chatter online about the Lytro camera the last few weeks. In case you’ve been living under a rock or too busy to notice, then you’ll be happy to know that the new Lytro camera allows you to select focus AFTER you shoot the photograph. AMAZING technology developed at Stanford by Ren Ng. Just like you can …

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