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Save Money! Last Minute Tax & Money Considerations for Creatives

Mara here – I handle the money & taxes here around Chase Jarvis Inc – chiming in with a few last minute year end accounting tips for all you creatives out there. In these moments of the year, I suggest you take an hour today before the parties begin to focus on your accounting paperwork and the financial status of …

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Find Your Thing And Do That Thing…

Find your thing and do that thing better than anybody else does that thing even if you think
that thing has no value because I promise you that it does. And I promise you that other people will see this value too.

[I’ll continue to post these little notes I scribble out–little journal notes–if you like dig em. Please let …

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Blender Blowout!! Why You Don’t Try This At Home [The "Blend" Spot Outtakes]

Hopefully you got a laugh from my video earlier this week where I literally blended (as in put them in a blender) in parody fashion an old Polaroid analog camera and a digital point and shoot, to give birth to the new Polaroid Z340 (avail here)

Well…we had a blast making the video, but we DID experience a full-on …

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It’s been an eventful year… timing out until 2012 – see you then!

2011 was incredibly eventful – as you’ll see in the video below.

I just wanted to thank all of the readers of the blog, the blog’s supporters, and everyone I know and have had the chance to meet, share a few laughs, and work with in the past year.

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and new …

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Get Schooled: Best Biz Advice for Creatives with Ramit Sethi [chasejarvis LIVE re-watch]

If you weren’t one of the 25,000+ people who watched this show on the day it was broadcast or if you couldn’t take notes fast enough and need to see it again, we rallied and pulled together a YouTube re-watch for you & your comrades… I was lucky enough to host business guru and #1 Amazon and New York Times …

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chasejarvis RAW: Flying High In Telluride [BTS Video on REI Commercial]

Last week when I posted the broadcast commercial for REI that I recently directed, I promised a behind-the-scenes vid. So here ’tis — the focus here on the epic aerial shots we nailed using a remote-operated RC helicopter flying an onboard camera, curtesy of our friends at FreeFly Cinema. Hope you dig it.

Also–since a lot of y’all have …

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“Blend” of Old Analog & New Instant Digital: The Polaroid Z340

Got a wild hair one day last week and had a BLAST making this little video about the new Polaroid Z340 — a blend of old analog and new digital technologies. Hope you dig it enough to have a laugh, watch it again, and forward to your friends.

Polaroid has never been about specs or crazy high end performance, they’re …

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Holiday Sale + Round-the-Clock Creative Education Streaming at

What does a stream of non-stop 24/7 creative education look like? It looks like looks for the rest of 2011. That’s right…24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the rest of the year, you can check out the most popular segments of streaming video education (there’s even a published schedule on that page…) on lighting, …

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How To Make a Kickass Portfolio: chasejarvis LIVE Re-Watch with Allegra Wilde

In case you missed our December 6th episode of Chase Jarvis LIVE, it was all about the portfolio. We had Allegra Wilde, visual strategist and co-founder of on the show, talking about common mis-steps and some of the best ways for your work to get noticed. She even gave us a quick portfolio review and a sneak peek at …

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A good friend of mine Michael Muller has been working on this series for the Travel Channel on sharks  as a photographer and filmmaker.  I’ll be making sure to tune in on December 18th on the Travel Channel to watch this episode – here’s an official  description of it followed by  a quick Q&A with Michael that we did …

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