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Our short film Reflector is screening this Thursday, Feb 2, at…

Our short film Reflector is screening this Thursday, Feb 2, at the Spokane International Film Fest!  I’ll be there along with our lead actress (my wife).  See you there!

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Video: “How Technology is Influencing Storytelling & Film”

I had the pleasure to be part of a panel at the Sundance Film Festival last week.   Adobe invited filmmakers Sharlto Copley, Rob Legato, Jacob Rosenberg and myself to share some of our thoughts on where all of this new technology is taking us as filmmakers.

You might recognize Sharlto as the lead actor in District 9 and more …

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No, But I Can Learn

i can learn

Do you know how to load a roll of film?
Work a light meter?
Edit slides on a light table?
Scan film?
Color correct scans?
Track a photo inventory?
Submit photos to clients?
Work with a stock agency?
Make prints?
Pack a camera bag?
Ship equipment?
Set up lights?
Scout a location?
Drive on the left side of the road?…

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Buying Mics & Hacking Audio for Your DSLR Video Setup

Zoom H4n on D7000HDSLR video is a great way to get high quality footage on a micro budget; and a great way to keep that budget micro is to be picky about what accessories are right for your setup.  I recently received an email question focused on this and–in particular–if I had to choose between the Rode Stereo Videomic or the Zoom H4n

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Remembering Sarah Burke

sarah burke freeskier cover

Sarah Burke would light up a room when she walked into it. Actually more than that, she lit up an entire sport, and was bound to light up the world in the forthcoming Olympics, before she succumbed to spine injuries sustained while training in Park City on January 10. She passed away yesterday. The world lost an amazing skier and …

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Adobe Post Workflow on Mobius

Over the next few weeks you’ll see a few posts on the gear we used on Mobius, as well as the pre-production we did on it as well as the post workflow.   First – here is a video on rotoscoping that you might find of interest.

A few months ago we did a piece on dynamic linking

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“Mind Prints” ?! What The Hell Are Those? [A Fresh Book From Frank Meo]

Picture Monica Lewinsky w a cigar, Hitler in a bunker, the Beatles w their lawyers. It’s all here. Or rather it’s all in your mind… So what does a book look like that is targeted at visual artists and creatives, yet has exactly ZERO pictures and isn’t a how-to? Well, it looks like well-known photo agent Frank Meo’s latest personal …

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Studio again today


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Hello from Geena


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Geena Mullins in the studio today

Geena popped into the studio today


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