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Daily Awesome: Digital Camera Made of Cardboard

Image via The Fancy

IKEA may seem like nothing more than a necessary evil for those who don’t wanna drop a full paycheck on a single piece of furniture (and hey, their pre-fab systems and some in-store displays are actually quite innovative…), but this here is some next level shiz: an eco-friendly, cardboard-bodied digital camera.

Shoots/stores up to 40 …

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Astronaut Soichi Noguchi Tweets Amazing Photographs From Space

All images via Soichi Noguchi and NASA, from Twitter

While those of us here on Earth are Tweeting our brunch pictures and the occasional trite shot of a vacation sunset, astronaut Soichi Noguchi (follow him at @Astro_Soichi) has been Tweeting amazing photos of his extraterrestrial spacewalk adventures, northern lights from outside the atmosphere, and other ephemera back from freaking …

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Artist as Entrepreneur: Making Art + A Living with Zoe Keating on #cjLIVE – Wed May 2nd

zoe keating on chase jarvis liveNow more than ever before, we artists are entrepreneurs. Born from opportunity or necessity or both, we have become the CEO’s of ourselves. We create our art and our brand, and then–regardless of whether we’re commercial- or fine-artists, or both–we share, market, strategize, license, sell, distribute, invest, manage, and collect on that art ourselves.

For those that have cracked this …

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Celebrate the Earth: 10 Stunning Photos Of Nature + Humans

A view of the southern lights between Antarctica and Australia captured by Dutch astronaut Andre Kuipers on board the International Space Station on March 3, 2012. (ESA/NASA via AFP/Getty Images)

Earth Day was yesterday. And it wasn’t just about wearing tie-dyed shirts made of hemp and talking about recycling. It was and always will ALSO be about ruminating on how …

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Settle in for Some Industry Knowledge with Adrian Grenier [rewatch of April 10th chasejarvisLIVE]

For your weekend viewing pleasure, check out the repost of Entourage star + filmmaker Adrian Grenier on chasejarvisLIVE. It’s chock full of entertainment industry goodness and is sure to introduce you to something new that you’ll dig.

I’m also stoked to announce that we’ve just booked avant garde cellist Zoë Keating for chasejarvisLIVE on wednesday May 2nd. She’s a one-woman …

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What Photos Would You Want In Prison?

Photo by Laurie Jo Reynolds and Chris X. The prisoner requested a photo of himself in front of a blue sky.

We’re so innundated with photos these days. If you miss a loved one, you can just pull up a Facebook page or shoot them a text asking for a picture of what they’re doing. But what if you were …

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The “BEFORE” Shots: Eerie Rescue Photos 100 Years After The Titanic Went Down

The RMS Titanic, courtesy of the Library of Congress

The RMS Titanic, courtesy of the Library of Congress

While we USA folks were struggling to get our taxes handled a couple days ago on April 15th, we shouldn’t have been fussing or celebrating, we should have been thinking of the lives lost aboard the RMS Titanic–which sunk 100 years ago on that day. Since this week marks that horrific …

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Emerging Talent: IGNACIO TORRES + His “Stellar” Project

Young NYC based photographer Ignacio Torres gave me cause for pause with his fascinating photographs that look like they come straight from the mind of Carl Sagan (“we are all made of star stuff”). Torres used three dimensional gifs to make these photographs even more dynamic. Click through the gallery image tabs above for more examples of Torres’ work. Here’s

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Adobe Production Premium CS6

In the studio we have been working exclusively with Adobe Premiere for a year now, and haven’t looked back. The ability to natively edit video formats and dynamically link between different applications has made our workflow much smoother as we shoot a variety of different formats, from the H.264 to R3D codec. Last week, Adobe announced CS6. We have been …

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Lovely day today!

Lovely day to be stuck inside


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