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Photographing the Imagination – or is it… Imagining the Photograph?

Four Seasons, Bora Bora

Four Seasons, Bora Bora, All Photos via The Cool Hunter

Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” Coming from a guy who had some serious knowledge that is a powerful statement. …

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Spectacular Lighting Just Twice a Year: Don’t Miss Manhattanhenge

Photo: Steve Kelley

Photo: Steve Kelley

Seeking out uniquely spectacular lighting is a good bet for capturing stunning imagery.
May 29th, yesterday, was one of the two days of the year when our friendly neighborhood star, the sun, sets perfectly in-line with the Manhattan grid. Bi-annually, photographers in the big apple take advantage of this unique moment in our solar system. Click through

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Recent Workshop & thoughts

My buddy Stu Maschwitz made a great comment recently on his blog that while he was passionate about his blog – he wasn’t necessarily running a blog that was out there to review the latest piece of equipment or to do side by side comparisons.  As you all likely know there are a bevy of such sites/blogs out there!  Stu …

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The Hardest Photos To Capture: Pro Photographer Showdown Winner Brian Nevins

Photo: Brian Nevins on Chase Jarvis Blog

Brian is a decade-long veteran shooter, with images to prove it. I meant to highlight his work immediately after he took Best in Show and People’s Choice awards at the action-sports-focused “Pro Photographer Showdown” which went down in Whistler, BC a while back, but got a little sidetracked. Regardless, here is the work now. Above are some of my favorite

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Stillmotion: SHARE

 My good friend Patrick Moreau and his colleagues over at stillmotion have begun a new initiative within their company that is focused on giving back.  They have set up the Share project, which tells the story of one cause a year and is produced on a 100% volunteer basis.  Patrick and the others felt that rather than donating a percentage …

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Breaking News: Facebook Launches Photo App

Facebook dropped a photo app today that will definitely turn a few heads. The app is chock-full of the features iPhone photographers want: You can crop, rotate and add filters to any picture in your camera roll in app. If your Facebook use is all about photos this app could replace the regular Facebook app. It offers a “news feed” …

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Dark & Artistic: Award-Winning Photos from Afghanistan

All images courtesy of David Gilkey and the WHNPA. Cpl. Andrew Collins springs into action seconds after a rocket is fired at the outpost in Charkh, Afghanistan on April 19, 2011. Combat Outpost Charkh sees as much action as anywhere in Afghanistan, but it's in Logar province, not far from the capital, Kabul.

I’ve posted about war photography in the

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A Great New Hi-Hat: The Dromos


Hi-Hats are useful, short tripods that allow you to get lower to the ground than a standard set of sticks ever could, even with the legs spread all the way out.  Granted, taking the camera off whatever support you have and putting it directly on the ground or a sand bag is another solution, but Hi-Hats support fluid …

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The Impossible Cool: Stunning Portraits of Bad-ass Tastemakers from the Past 100 Years

Mark Twain

All images courtesy of The Impossible Cool

What do Tom Waits, David Lynch, Debbie Harry, and Mark Twain all have in common?

They’re all…ahem…impossibly cool. And they’ve all recently been featured on The Impossible Cool, a must-follow Tumblr account that offers gorgeous, mostly black-and-white, amazing portraits of some of the most bad-ass tastemakers of the last couple centuries.

Ranging …

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G-Connect – Wireless Storage for your iOS


iOS devices – specifically the iPad (which just reported that it soared to 68% of the tablet market share in Q1 2012) – are becoming increasingly prevalent.  Many of the users are buying them for one task: media consumption.  Movies, music, documents, magazines, games – you name it.  And increasingly, people are using their smart phones for the same

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