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Trust Me I’m Lying: Media Manipulator Ryan Holiday on chasejarvis LIVE [re-watch]

We had so much going on during the last few weeks that the superdope Ryan Holiday / Trust Me I’m Lying Episode repost on YouTube has taken us a few weeks to hit the blog. I can pretty much guarantee that you’ll learn more and be more inspired by Ryan than from any other over-achieving 24 year old on the …

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Photoshoot Secrets: Why Model Talent is Crucial & How to Cast For the Best

Hi friends, Megan here – I’m Chase’s primary on-staff producer. We just wrapped up a commercial shoot for a major sporting goods company and it required a monster amount of production. These tips are fresh on my mind and since it was a highly specialized sport shoot on a short time-frame (ie: challenging from a production standpoint) I thought I’d …

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Time Capsule Photos: Five friends take same snapshot for 30 years

John Wardlaw, Mark Rumer, Dallas Burney, John Malony, John Dickson

30 years ago, a snapshot kicked of a lifelong friendship.

A group of guys inadvertently started a photo tradition by taking a snapshot of themselves as teenagers during a vacation in 1982. For three decades, they have returned to the same spot to take the same portrait every 5 years. …

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Naked Titans: Photographs of World-Class Athletes in the Buff

Photo: Francesco Carrozzini (Carmelita Jeter, Sprinter USA Track & Field)

Tomorrow is the opening ceremony of the Olympics in London. Awe-inspiring athletic forms and feats will capture the attention of the world for the next two weeks. Images of Olympic titans will be plentiful and I am looking forward to both the photography and the drama of country-vs-country competition. I’ve …

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The ThanksGivingAmerica Campaign from on Vimeo.

I wanted to bring to your attention a crowd sourcing project for ThanksGivingAmerica, a photographic exhibit and essay project founded by my friend and a former mentor, Steve Liss.  Steve is a teacher at Columbia College Chicago, as well as a 30 year veteran photographer for TIME magazine.  I met Steve when …

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Forced Perspective: Reality Bending Photography

Photo by Steph Goralnick

One of the most powerful things about creating images is the magic of bending reality. In the middle of a city of steel a single flower can be framed to create the illusion of nature. No one knows the surrounding imagery unless you want them to. Forced Perspective photography is intriguing: it manipulates human perception with …

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Two Good Solutions for Music Licensing

As we all know, licensing music for your piece can be incredibly expensive (not to mention a huge pain…try getting a record label to respond in a timely manner…), which leaves many of us with only one option: to turn to royalty-free music for our work.

 But sometimes there is a no royalty-free substitute for that perfect song.  Well-written, professional …

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Evocative Photos of Aging Animals

Photography is a powerful tool, able to elicit strong emotions and social awareness with just one image. I oftentimes find myself overcome when a photo makes itself aware to me, sometimes about issues or subjects I didn’t even know I found myself to be so passionate about or affected by. An example of this was when I recently came across …

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The Truth about Madonna, MDNA at Hyde Park @mdna @MadonnaWorld #MDNA #Madonna


For the first time in a long time I actually paid for a concert ticket. Yeah, that’s right, my own money!

Working in the media, concert tickets and Access All Areas passes become the norm. It’s been a little while since my last event, although I do recall spending most of it avoiding the mud, hob knobbing in the catering …

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chasejarvisLIVE Capitol Hill Block Party Broadcast Schedule

It’s on!

This is the mothership of information for LIVE broadcasting from the Capitol Hill Block Party July 20-22.

Check for updates to find out when we’re broadcasting private performances, main stage concerts and intimate interviews. The action from the cjLIVE lounge is going to be fast and furious for this 3-day event with a spectacular line-up of CHBP …

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