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God’s Eye View – Part IV [perspective]

In this series, we’ve seen Tarantino’s FROM BELOW, Wes Anderson’s FROM ABOVE, a mash-up of BREAKING BAD POVs and the final perspective piece of this series of posts, compiled from many well-known films, is the most omniscient of them all: The God’s Eye View.

Thanks to Brian Carroll for putting this together for our enjoyment.

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Observing a Meth Lab & the Chemist: Breaking Bad POV – Part III [perspective]

If you like my earlier post on Quentin Tarantino’s FROM BELOW perspective and Wes Anderson’s well-known perspective of FROM ABOVE– check out another one of our favorite examples of perspective here in the studio: the work behind the series Breaking Bad. We all love this show. The camera work and directing is nothing short of brilliant – and these …

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From Above: Comes Wes Anderson – Part II [perspective]

If you like my earlier post on Quentin Tarantino’s FROM BELOW perspective – check out another great director’s work FROM ABOVE. Like Tarantino, Wes Anderson’s movies are immediately identifiable. One of his signature perspectives is from above.

I’ll be featuring more of these pieces today. Stay tuned.

These exist thanks to the work of Kogonada.

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From Below: Comes Tarantino – Part I [perspective]

Perspective. I’ve mentioned it before. Shifting yours can impact your work substantially. As an example, I found this short piece highlighting the work of Quentin Tarantino. One of his favorite signature perspectives is from below. Fun to watch and just what the doctor ordered before the long weekend (for those of us here in the USA). Enjoy the time off …

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Black Magic Cinema Camera (BMCC) Beautiful & Befuddling


We’re in an age of a preponderance of choice.   And while having the privilege of making choices is a luxury – it can also at times be a bit overwhelming. 

The search for the “perfect camera” is a fruitless one.   It always has been and becomes more so with each new offering – especially as each of the new

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Emerging Talent: Kindra Timmerwilke’s Moody, Intensely Personal 365 Days Project

The work of Kindra Timmerwilke is a great example of commitment to craft. She’s been following her passion for photography with diligence – despite having a day job. Based out of Seattle, she is a testament to what can happen if you put parts of your heart and soul into your photography. In the midst of a 365 days photo …

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Canon C100 leads to murky future for mid- to upper-range Video HDSLRs

 Canon just announced the EOS C100 today – the little brother to the C300 if you will – and it is scheduled to be available in November.    

I think this camera will likely put a noticeable dent in the use of mid- to upper- range HDSLRs for video production such as the Canon 5D MKIII and Canon …

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The Future of Photo Sharing — What You Must Know [chasejarvisLIVE with Larry Lessig + ASMP + MORE Wed August 29]

The image of much discussion: "The Stolen Scream"

In this new age of media, have you ever wondered how to share, promote and pimp your photos and videos using social sharing tools, but maintain your rights to them? What if someone wants to buy, license, use, or copy your work?

__Ever had a photo or video of yours “go viral” …

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Inspirational Photos by Neil Armstrong – Primary Photographer on the First Successful Manned Mission to the Moon


Buzz Aldrin on the surface of the moon (Photo: Neil Armstrong/NASA)

Neil Armstrong passed this weekend. I was sad to hear the news that the man who spoke those immortal words that inspired the world: “It’s a small step for man, a giant leap for mankind.”” had left us.

He was a hero to many. President Obama said of …

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Big Art Mob – Project Aims to Map a Global Collection of Public + Street Art

Paris (via streetartblog)

Art created for the sole intent of eliciting surprise and delight- often with anonymity – makes the world a more creative place. A story on NPR caught my eye yesterday – about a project that aims to help map these works on a global scale. I’m intrigued. I’ve explored the concept of social art on this blog …

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