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The Best of The Best. Highlight Reel from the Week. [Plus… Itchin’ on a Photograph.]

Great week. Quick recap…

// Thanks to the family who’s be selected for this for a $20k paycheck. I’ll see you in NYC this weekend.

// Thanks to the creative community whose doing what they can to master their domain. What a great show. Thanks to you + Mr. Robert Greene (legendary.) You know anyone who’s website addy is …

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How to Shoot a 7 Gigapixel, 60-Foot Wide Photo in 5 Easy Steps [The Devil is In the Details]

San Francisco panorama

I’ve always been a fan of photographic works by Andreas Gursky and others that are huge in scale and still maintain amazing detail. While Gursky is a living legend and none of us are approaching his sphere any time soon, there are a variety of more accessible approaches to creating massive images that maintain incredible details available to most of

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NPPA & Press Bring Lawsuit Against NYPD for…ahem… “Media [photography] Blackouts” and Violation of First Amendment”

Photo_Andrew Katz/Flickr_chasejarvisblog

Photo: Andrew Katz/Flickr

I’m not a photojournalist by trade, but I am a member of the photography community and as such I’m always on the lookout to bring awareness to basic violations of our First Amendment rights.

A few weeks back the National Photograpaher’s Press Association joined a lawsuit against the NYPD. Sean D. Elliot, President of NPPA, stated that …

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Creative Mastery, Power & Seduction with Robert Greene on chasejarvisLIVE [TODAY Wednesday, November 28th]

UPDATE: The LIVE broadcast is TODAY. Check out the post below and be sure to tune into — 11am SEA time (2pm NYC -19:00 London) — and enjoy the show. See you on air in a few…

You’ve heard that little voice in the back of your head that screams, “I have something to say” Guess what. It’s the …

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Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist Tutorial w CS6

Here’s a quick follow up to yesterday’s post for those who want to see the Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist workflow in action with Adobe Premiere CS6.  You can see how well integrated this workflow is in Premiere CS6 (it works w/ FCP X as well)  and how easy it would be to integrate this with your existing workflow, or with …

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Horizontal, Nude + Otherwise Rad Urban Dance Photos from Jordan Matter [and How They Land Him On the Today Show!]

Dance is a universal form of expression. The spontaneous or choreographed movement of a human body tells a story, reflects social commentary, can be a spiritual exercise…or just damn fun. (impromptu dance parties are encouraged in my family…) We are born with this understanding of movement. Babies dance when they hear music. Dance even transcends humanity – even animals dance

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Technicolor CineStyle Color Assist

Technicolor – a company that has been around for over 95 years dealing with the science of film coloring – is entering the DSLR world once again.   

Their first foray into digital cinema game happened when they introduced the CineStyle Camera Profile for use with Canon HDDSLRs, and that was quite a success given how well adopted that picture style …

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SPIKE – the Robotic Phantom Camera – Shoots Better Than You

Across the pond from me in Germany there is some stunning work getting kicked out of a little boutique firm called The Marmalade that you should know about.

I’m drawn to more than just the final result…I love HOW they’re acheiving it too… Behind the scenes thinking and such below. Have a great Monday.

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CASTING CALL — Need LARGE Family for Commercial Photo Shoot Next Week. Good $$$

chase jarvis nyc casting

Hi friends! Quick favor to ask here – would LOVE your help if you’re interested or know a family who meets the requirements below. I’ve turned to you guys before for stuff like this and it’s been fun and good for us all. As such, this could be a really fun experience and provide some really solid money for the

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Black Friday — One Weird Day in The USA

Photo: Scott Shaw/The Plain Dealer/AP

“Black Friday – When people trample others for cheap products mere hours after being thankful for what they already have.”

So goes the popular meme making the rounds on the Web this time of the year.
Black Friday is the proverbial train wreck. I’m mostly inclined against it, since holiday season isn’t about consumerism, but …

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