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Best Photo Locations: The Most Amazing Libraries in The World [Photos]


© Andrew E Larsen / Seattle Public Library

Libraries tend to be some of the most architecturally stunning places in the world. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.  From authoritarian classical gothic arches to sun drenched rooms made of ethereal glass, these buildings are sanctuaries, space ships, time machines and gateway all in one.

My local …

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Legendary Celebrity Photog Chris Buck + Musical Guest Hey Marseilles on cjLIVE – [RE-WATCH]

In this episode of chasejarvisLIVE I sat down with legendary photographer Chris Buck and hosted special musical guest Hey Marseilles.

Chris has taken the concept of “celebrity photography” and flipped it upside-down. By applying a playful, twisted fine art mentality to celebrity photography (and his commercial work) Chris has created some of the most interesting work I’ve seen. He …

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Wireless Cameras Are The Future — What’s in it for You?

The Samsung Galaxy Camera includes Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS and can run Android apps

I’ve been banging on the doors, windows, and faces of camera manufacturers for years about this one having long found value in the idea, “What good is a picture if you can’t share it?” It’s a simple concept that lots of us helped ignite in our

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War & Fashion – Intellectual Exercise or Gut Punch?

A few days ago Moni Basu of CNN published a provocative piece comparing the photography of War to the photography of Fashion.

Whether this is an absurd evocation, an intellectual exercise, or an astute reflection I’m not calling it. I can’t. But the idea of taking an individual photographer who has shot both war and fashion and juxtaposing images from …

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From Obscurity to Internet Sensation — How Creatives Can Win the PR Game with Ryan Holiday

Ryan Holiday is a media genius who promotes, inflates and hacks some of the biggest names and brands in the world. He’s also the Director of Marketing for American Apparel. Oh, and he’s just 25 years old. His point-of-view is enlightening when it comes to understanding today’s complex media landscape. You might remember that I had him on chasejarvisLIVE last …

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Photo History 101: Rare Color Photos of Paris in the Early 1900s

There is a school of thought that proposes the Earth is home to a smattering of “sacred sites” — energy centers, places of mystery and wonder — earth Chakras some call them. The Pyramids. Lake Titicaca. Mt. Fuji. You get it. I don’t know if Paris is on that list, but it should be. There’s a magic to that city, …

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What You Need for Your Photography Business – [Guess What? It’s Not a Camera]

Put bluntly, if we creatives want to make a real livelihood with our work – we need to realize that the business end of the stick if we’re holding. And while you know I’m always up for the occasional rant on this topic, I today decided to save myself a few blood vessels and some hot air, and instead passed …

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Canon EOS 6D Hands-ON — Canon Giveth, Canon Taketh Away

Canon EOS 6DIt seems our exploratory swim in the waters of full-frame DSLRs is far from complete. With the ink from his recent reviews of the D600 and the mirrorless Panasonic GH3 still drying, I asked my homie Ben Pitt to put the Canon EOS 6D between his microscope plates and share his findings here. As you’d expect with a lower-priced semi-pro

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2013 is Flying by… oh and FYI I’m LA based and have been for almost 4 years now

I can honestly say I can’t remember the last time the first month and a half of the year has flown by this quickly.   There’s nothing to worry about in terms of the blog or with me (some of you have e-mailed.)   It’s simply been quiet but for good reason – I’ve been wonderfully busy!  I also took a …

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100 Ideas that Changed Photography

Every so often, I am reminded of the tectonic shifts in photography that seem to skip under the radar in our exploding world of photography and photographers. No harm, no foul — but it snaps my head back into place when pointing these out from time to time.

Mary Warner Marian’s book 100 Ideas that Changed Photography” does a …

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