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Mountain Dew Spot in Bali

For those of you who were wondering exactly what I was shooting Bali – here it is:  A Mountain Dew Commercial with Indian Mega Star Hrithik Roshan and a fantastic team of people led by Director Prakash Varma of Nirvana Films a top  innovative production house based in India.   I have to say that between the stunning location, the …

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Do Less = Do More. The Art of Being Creative + Productive

I’m a huge fan of the concept of “strategic renewal.” Chasing shiny opportunities, working in a reactive state and dealing with each new email that pops up on your phone is not only exhausting – it’s a way to ensure you get nothing done – and it’s simply not sustainable. “Busy” isn’t success. It’s a lack of priority. I’ve been

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Photo Geek Alert — The Camera Sensor as Emulsion + Why Your Digital Camera is More Like Film Stock Than You Realize

Geek alert. Although the mentality stems from the last century, the megapixel wars are not over. It is, however, safe to say that those of us familiar with our cameras have started to realize that they are much more than megapixels + dynamic range. There are other factors that we have come to admit are important to consider – case

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Skip the Fancy Gear — Give Me Vision. Surreal Environmental Portraits by Budi CCline


Indonesia-based photographer and digital artist Budi “CCline” taught himself how to create these painterly photos. With nothing more than an old camera and an outdated version of Photoshop he brings to life a body of work that mixes the natural landscape with the local populations – human and animal, in a vivid, painterly style that is all his own. His

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DOing + MAKING Always Trumps Talking About It. Cool Vid Here.

Superfun piece here. Reverse motion isn’t a new technique by any stretch, but it doesn’t need to be. Messe Kopp had a cool idea and executed it – turned out fun and cool. And above all, he went and CREATED something, versus sitting around talking about it.

Great example of being creative on a low budget. #respect

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The Secrets of Surf Photography —- Chris Burkard Shares His Craft


At 26 years old, Chris Burkard is living the dream of traveling around the world to shoot surfers in exotic places.  He’s been recognized for his work with some prestigious awards including a first place spot in the Red Bull Illume competition.  His images are a complementary mix of being right in the action and being removed from it.  …

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Follow Me: A Mysterious Beauty Leads You Around the World with Photographs

Murad Osmann has put a really solid spin on the traditional “vacation album”. Already picked up by HuffPo, Business insider, and the Daily Mail UK, I nearly didn’t feature the work (not to mention the HDR tendency…), but I kept coming back to it for 3 reasons:

1. The concept is good.
2. The concept is simple.…

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12 Tips for Entering the Commercial Photo & Film World [Hint: It’s Not What You Think]

Hi folks, Megan here, long time staff Producer for Chase. We get a ton of email inquiries every day from guys and gals looking to “work their way into the industry” or utilize skills learned while at school. Most inquire about being a photo assistant. And while that’s certainly an opiton to learn a ton on-set, it’s not the only …

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Pre shoot breakfast


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The Power of Conflict Imagery — Commentary + Appreciation for the 2013 World Press Photo Contest Winners

Photo by Paul Hansen / World Press Photo

Paul Hansen of Sweden had his moving photo of a group of men in Gaza City carrying the bodies of two dead children selected as the 2013 World Press Photo of the Year. The photo, taken on November 20, 2012, was captured as the group was transporting the bodies to a …

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