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Nikon D7100 — A Definitive Review with Meaty Details [photo comparos + spec highlights]

The Nikon D7100

Although gear isn’t even close to the most important part of photography, it’s still important. And choosing the best camera for your particular needs can be a daunting task – which is why I often get new gear to bang around with and it’s also why I associate with smart gear guys like my pal Sohail. In this review, Sohail

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So You Want to Be a Commercial Photographer? Here’s How… [Joey L on creativeLIVE]

Update: It’s official now, I’m dropping in as a guest on JoeyL’s show TODAY at 10:45 Seattle Time (1:45 NYC; 18:45 London). Join us – ask questions. I just was sent over the topics he’s going to grill me on and I haven’t given an interview this in-depth about commercial photography in more than a year. Tune in HERE to

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Time Lapse Intro: Part I

I was commissioned to do a Time Lapse Tutorial series late last year that was just recently published by Canon and people really seem to be enjoying it so I thought I would share it on this blog as well.    You can find the first video below and then go to Canon’s site for the remaining episodes.  I also …

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Photo Geeks + Space Nerds Unite — Beautiful, Never Before Seen 360 Degree Images of Mercury

Photo geeks and space nerds unite. Saw this and had to share it. This is the first time mankind has ever seen the planet Mercury in its entirety. Scientists used thousands of images collected for over a year by the MESSENGER probe to completely map the surface of the planet, taken at a resolution of 1km per pixel.

The yellow-orange …

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Stop Creating False Barriers Between You & The Photos You Want to Take [aka Going to the End of the Earth to Get the Shot]

Are you pursuing your personal passions to get the pictures you want, or are you letting…ahem…”too many obstacles” stop you?

Here’s a little inspiration. Using a weather balloon, a Gopro 2, a Multiplex Funjet and some other lo-fi equipment, David Windestål decided to get some first person footage of a trip to space. What he ends up with is …

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21 Behind-the-Scenes Photos from an Un-Belizeable Photo Assignment


If you’ve been following along socially you’re in the know that I’m on a commercial assignment in Belize that targets the life and wonder of our the world’s water, lakes, oceans, etc. […You might remember this video of the SuperPod of dolphins from the South African leg of this campaign with long time friend Mike Horn…]

In short, I …

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Want to see what you can do with the MōVI in Solo mode?

The hardest thing for me over the past two weeks has been to hold back on my enthusiasm regarding the true potential that I believe the MōVI has, and the potential is has to alter the way we shoot video/films.  

To that end I’ll share two anecdotes with you that I experienced recently that have helped confirm that this …

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Photo of the Week – Finding the Impossible Angle


All you need to know:

_Yes – it really was that steep. What’s that old saying, “Measure twice, cut once?” Same applies for spending time finding the hard to find angle.

_That’s Jill Kintner on the bike. Badass.

Have a great weekend.

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Photo Kickstarter o’ the Week – The Rocket Travel Slider

“Sliders and dollies help you tell your story with beautiful camera moves.” So sayeth filmmaker Zeke Kamm of Nice Industries. Hard to argue with that statement. Well-placed, well-executed dolly shots increase production value, no question there. They can also increase production time and total gear load, as traditional sliders are bulky and a bitch to set up.

That’s where Kamm’s …

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MōVI’s Network Debut + a Lucky Winner


Today was a pretty momentous day for several people related to the MōVI.

As you’ll see above the MōVI made its first appearance on set of it’s first Network Television show – NCIS Los Angeles just a week after it was revealed at NAB.   

As I shot the still frame above (full resolution file here), I saw …

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