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NEW Update from GoPro. Shoot, edit, and go social with photos + videos

My favorite camera manufacturer today announced the launch of a new app. It’s getting really slick my friendz. While you could control the Hero3 cameras with earlier version of the app (view – start -stop – etc) the newest version of the app allows you the same ability to control the camera, but you can now remotely view the images …

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Creative Boot Camp for Your Summer Brain [a public service announcement]

creativeLIVE chase jarvis summer sale

This is a public service announcement that I think is valuable… I’m banking you know I’m co-founder over at creativeLIVE – where we’ve delivered more than 15 million viewer hours of creative education worldwide. (If you’re new, here’s stories about it in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, TechCrunch, AllThingsD, etc …

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[NEW] Free Music Downloads from chasejarvisLIVE bands

chasejarvis_mygoodnessI’ve heard through your shout-outs + tweets + views + comments n such that most of you love what we’re doing with music on #cjLIVE. Those of you who pay attention to the show might have noticed that we have been on a bit of a hot streak with new music over the past couple of years. Here’s a few …

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chasejarvis TECH: How to Pack, Prep & Travel with GoPro Cameras (

I’ve been shooting religiously with GoPro cameras since they came out way back in the day. Love those little monsters. At a minimum, I travel with three or more Hero3′s for any shoot – I’ve just found they just come in super-duper handy for all sortsa great stuff. BUT…. taking into account mounts, memory cards, chargers, spare batteries and all …

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Here’s a BTS video showing how we created the Desert…

Here’s a BTS video showing how we created the Desert Friends poster with just an iPhone 5 and VSCO Cam.  Composited in Photoshop.  🙂

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The Artist as Athlete as Artist –> Travis Rice on Creativity + Art Galleries + Taking Risks

chase jarvis travis rice

Yours truly and Travis Rice getting motley at the…um…airport

The name Travis Rice has for some time been synonymous with the best snowboarder in the world. Literally, of that caliber. Which for those more inclined to the details, that means insane big mountain snowboarding and epic snowboarding films and photoshoots all over the world (watch him on #cjLIVE here).

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None of the readers of this blog will be surprised to find out that I love discovering new gear & technology.   Recently I’ve been focusing a lot less on it, both on this blog and in life in general.

That being said, I’ve never lost the bug or the passion for discovery – I love being on the cutting edge, …

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Can personality trump talent when selecting crew?

A few weeks ago I wrote about how trying to balance managing and directing with friendship can be a tight-rope walking act. 

In this post I wanted to talk about something that is seldom discussed by people on hiring end of the equation, either as a producer/directors/DPs etc and how certain personality traits can very often trump talent in …

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15 Tips for Creatives to Get the Most Legal Bang for Your Legal Buck

Contracts can be a nightmare. I’ve never loved contracts even for a hot second, but fortunately I’ve surrounded myself with an awesome Executive Producer who really likes them — Kate (she’s also my wife), and a great lawyer or two. We know what a pain point this can be for creatives everywhere, so we sat down and pulled together a …

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chasejarvisRAW: Sea to Sky Photo Shoot in Belize [Plus How to Pull This Off Like a Pro]

Quick share here….. a short while back I took my very first trip to Belize for what turned into a really, really (2 reallys – or now that’s three) high value, pain-free shoot. I’ve been so very lucky to have shot in some of the most spectacular places in the world — and just added Belize to that list.

We …

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