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Refresh Your Creative Juices — 10 Inspirations to Pull You Out of That Rut

The dreaded rut. That feeling of being exhausted of your precious creative juice. How to break out? For me, a change my scenery — specifically an amazing location for your photo or video shoot– has always been the closest thing to a magic bullet that I’ve ever experienced. Sometimes this means shooting in a different studio, at an abandoned building, …

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Sons of Anarchy Season 6 for FX – James Minchin


Completely epic.

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19 Behind-The-Scenes Photos from a Land of Endless Light – Iceland

chasejarvis_cover What I remember from elementary school about Iceland is my teacher telling me, “Iceland is green and Greenland is ice.” While I have not yet been to Greenland I can attest to the fact that Iceland in August is definitely green.

Iceland – the well-known film and photo destination at the confluence of the North Atlantic and Arctic Oceans …

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The Tale of the Hidden Prints – Part 4/4

Flash forward 5.5 weeks.  I was still pondering what I should do about the hidden prints.  Out of the blue, on July 1, I get an email from a Pat K and two photos attached.

imageI freaked out!  Why was this guy in that abandoned house!?  I mean, I’m a photographer.  We flock to abandoned houses.  

Well, I told Pat …

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The Tale of the Hidden Prints – Part 3/4

The second print needed to be a little trickier.  I once found a random hill in the Mojave that is covered with open mine shafts.  It’s an amazing trip through time.  Mine car tracks, etc.  I love it.

I left the print in plain sight, in a side corridor, a couple-hundred yards down a random mine shaft.


Here’s the entrance …

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Motion Sickness – How Not to F- Up Your Next Photo/Video Shoot

I’m big-time stoked to bring to my blog a heavy hitter in the world of adventure storytelling. Corey Rich has done commercial work for everyone from Apple and Adidas to SI and Outside. He has an eagle eye for the shot, both for still and motion, and I’ve invited him here to give you all a little what-for on the

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The Tale of the Hidden Prints – Part 2/4

So my wife and I drove out to the Mojave desert to hide the first two prints.  I contemplated doing a contest with clues and the winner getting a buried SLR camera or something like that, but I got lazy.  

I hid the first print in an old abandoned house I shot at years ago.  

I wanted it to be …

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The Tale of the Hidden Prints – Part 1/4

In 2007, I was convinced to be a part of a gallery show for a music magazine, so I made 4 giant, expensive prints of various music groups I’ve shot.  

Well needless to say, none of the prints sold, and they have been getting tossed around my parents house and my apartment for the past 6 years.  It was finally …

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“What We Do” – Chase Jarvis Brand Reel

Yes! We just wrapped up my newest brand reel – What We Do. The goal with the video was to invoke more than just the work — because we know it’s the work plus the people, AND the ideas that matter.

This one represents the last 18 months or so of jobs and personal work in more than 12 countries …

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Just finished up a job this month with SapientNitro for the new…

Just finished up a job this month with SapientNitro for the new Fiat 500 Cattiva and GQ Editions.  This was my first natural-light car shoot and it was a blast!  

Check out more images here…

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