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Creative Marketing Genius Seth Godin: What It Means to Matter

Seth Godin is an incredible human. He’s an author of 18, yes that’s right, 18 best selling books. He is an entrepreneur, a guru in marketing, and writes a post every day on his blog which has been noted as one of the top marketing blogs on the internet. Seth’s most current focus is his course called the altMBA focused… read more

Mark Cuban: Business is the Ultimate Sport

(Note: This post originally appeared as part of our podcast launch announcement. To enable everyone to find Mark Cuban’s show notes, I’ve decided to include a separate post here as well.) With the re-launch of the podcast, we’ve decided we had to launch with one of our most popular guests to date. He’s one of the most famous and recognizable… read more

30 Days of Genius Now in PODCAST (+ more exciting new guests)

Hi Friends! Over the past 60 days, I’ve received SO SO MANY requests – literally hundreds of tweets, snaps, comments, emails etc requesting a podcast version of the #cjLIVE interviews we did for 30 Days Of Genius series… So today I’m very happy to announce – it’s here. Yes, as of TODAY – you can on subscribe here on iTunes… read more

Top 3 Things ALL Graduates Should Be Thinking About Right Now

Congrats! You did it – you’re graduating! Big ups on all the hard work and long hours. But here’s the scary part. Graduation is the first day of the rest of your life. Last week by far the most popular question I saw in my social feed was around graduation. Either YOU were graduating, your friends or sons / daughters–and,… read more

Cameras & Gear: How We Shot ‪#‎30DaysOfGenius

Hello all you film fanatics, foto geeks, and anything else that starts with an “F” ? — here’s the episode you asked for — a quick and dirty tour behind the scenes of our 30 Days of Genius set. If you’re an OG of cjLIVE, you know the show is beautifully shot with cranes, dollies, and a full crew in… read more