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How to Capture Creative Gold When You’re at the End of Your Rope — Literally. [Interview with Jimmy Chin]

There are two types of photographers who impress the hell out of me. One is the wartime photojournalist, who puts his or her life on line to document real stories and images behind the world’s most dangerous conflicts. [I’ve written about it before — Would You Die for a Photo?]. Without their work, truths get lost, and the stakes are… read more

7 Habits for Creativity + the Missing Link

Here are 7 habits that I use to help my creativity: 1. Get into adventures. Instead of saying no, say yes. Whether it’s agreeing going to the South China Sea or to Sundance festival or the grocery store. 2. Devour popular culture. Examine the work of other artists, movies, books, magazines, the interwebs. 3. Take pictures of things. I photograph… read more

Brandon Stanton: The Hard Work of Dreams

In 2010, Brandon Stanton started taking pictures of people on the streets of New York City and posting them on a blog. After thousands of conversations and pictures, Brandon realized he wasn’t a photographer. Rather, he was a believer in connection, in community, and in basic human sweetness. In large part, Brandon’s work has been so influential because he removed… read more

Would You Die For The Photo? An Eerie Peek at War Photography

I’m no photojournalist – but I have huge respect for those men and women who put themselves in dangerous zones, risking their lives, to show the world some of its most important (horrifying) images. I’ve been asked before if I’d consider taking pictures in the line of fire and my answer is simple: Hell No. I just do not have… read more

Sophia Amoruso: Intuition, Grit, & Working with What You Have

Sophia Amoruso is a creative visionary, pioneering entrepreneur, and fashion doyenne. As founder of Nasty Gal, she has forged an unprecedented path in building a brand in the teenage years of the Internet. Amoruso released the paperback edition of her New York Times 18-week best-seller #GIRLBOSS in 2015. It was recently announced that Amoruso has teamed up with Charlize Theron… read more

Hi Dave, how you convert negative film to digital with true colors and high detail? Thanks

Nikon coolscan 5000 and 9000!

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Motion Sickness – How Not to F- Up Your Next Photo/Video Shoot

I’m big-time stoked to bring to my blog a heavy hitter in the world of adventure storytelling. Corey Rich has done commercial work for everyone from Apple and Adidas to SI and Outside. He has an eagle eye for the shot, both for still and motion, and I’ve invited him here to give you all a little what-for on the… read more

Kevin Kelly: Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, & The Inevitable

Kevin Kelly believes that we overestimate the effects of technology in the moment, but vastly underestimate their effects in the long term. Whenever we create anything, we join a vast lineage of makers and thinkers and doers, from the first cave painter to the designers of virtual technology. Kevin Kelly is a visionary idea man and technologist. He is a… read more

How to get hired with no experience

This is the age old question … How do you get hired to do work that you’ve never been paid to do before because you need experience. But to get that experience, you need to do the work. Here are a three ways to overcome this chicken & egg situation: Get Involved The fastest way to learn is to get… read more

DON’T HATE KATE books on sale now!…

DON’T HATE KATE books on sale now!

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