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Hello, My name is Damien Morley, Creative photographer and Visual Artist.

I started out nearly 12 years ago as a commercial graphic artist. I built websites, designed flyers, video and music production. Many of which required the photographing of models to centre the product around. This is when I took up photography, and photo manipulation or, creative works.

I have used Photoshop as the centre of my works since version 2.5 in 1992 (The first edition on windows based systems.) As Photoshop grew so did my ability to use it. I have continued to develop my skills in this area to adequately enable meto work at the top levels in design and commercial industries.

2009 saw me open the North East’s largest photographic studio, 5 Point Studios. I built 5 Point Studios as a place to conduct my own works as I found the nearest studio to offer the quality of service and approach to work that I required was a long drive away! So as I say, I built my own. After just a year in Newcastle Upon Tyne I had been approached by some of the largest names in commercial and publishing industries regarding my works.  The logical next step for me was a move to London.

I moved back south at the beginning of 2010 dragging my supportive family with me and began looking for suitable workspace. That’s when I found The Chocolate Factory, an actual old Chocolate Factory set in the cultural quarter of Wood Green, North London.

Since making the move work has increased dramatically, being on the doorsteps of publishers and production companies has proved invaluable and I have now started working for publishing clients throughout Europe, Australia and America.

The next step? Well I think I’ll be sticking with London for another year, then maybe if i continue to develop relationships with my American clients, a move to New York or LA will be on the cards… Who knows… For the moment I’m just happy to be doing what I do, with people I care about.

Damien 😀

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