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Focus on community, not floorplans

We’ve been on a quest for the “perfect” workspace for nearly a century, with various design paradigms going in and out of vogue like bellbottoms, skinny ties and acid wash jeans. And while the design and location of the physical workspace certainly has an impact, I’d like to suggest that it’s a bit of a red herring – that when it comes to unlocking innovation and creativity, there’s something else far more important. The magic ingredient is… Many of the most transformational, groundbreaking ideas, companies and art have come from the most humble, ostensibly “uninspiring” surroundings: Rick Rubin co-founded the iconic record label Def Jam from a cramped dorm room, and HP – one of Silicon Valley’s defining companies that paved the way for Google, Apple, Facebook et al – began in a shabby garage, and some kids jamming in a sweaty basement right now are creating the future of music. What this reveals is a simple but important concept: creativity and innovation can and do happen anywhere. And the magic ingredient isn’t a perfectly designed floorplan or the right furniture, it’s passionate people coming together to create something great. What matters isn’t the place, it’s the people IN the […]

  • by Chase
  • posted at 2:01 pm
  • August 7, 2017

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