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Sell Yourself Without Selling Out with Marc Ecko

I’ve been talking a lot about authenticity lately, so thought it would be a good time to share one of my favorite episodes of the show from a few years back with Marc because it’s all about authenticity – specifically, how to promote your work as a creator while staying true to yourself. Marc is a creative entrepreneur who’s probably best known as the founder of the apparel brand Ecko, which began in his parents’ garage and eventually grew into the largest brand in streetwear with a global footprint and over $1 billion in revenue. He’s also the author of Untitled: Selling Yourself Without Selling Out – the book we discuss in this episode – the creator of a video game called “Getting Up” and the founder of Complex Media. Here’s the video we watch part way through the episode – Marc’s epic marketing stunt where he supposedly tagged Air Force One + Create connectionsHe’s been one of the driving forces behind putting hip hop culture into the mainstream, and I’m super stoked that we got a chance to sit down to unpack some of the lessons he learned along the way. Today on the podcast, Some super-actionable tactics for promoting […]

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