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The Part Of Success That Nobody Talks About

We’ve all been there: after spending countless hours building something – a product, a new website, a piece of art – you release it into the world, put out the word on your social channels, hold your breath and…. nothing. Crickets. Tumbleweeds. Then you start looking at other creators or companies enviously, wondering how they manage to get so much traction for their work when yours – which is just as good if not better – struggles to get any attention. You rewind the tape to look for mistakes, but there are no obvious ones. You did everything you were supposed to do according to all the industry gurus. You made an account on every social platform on the planet, used all the right hashtags, and went down every marketing checklist… so what happened? Why are they getting traction where you aren’t? While it’s tempting to make excuses, pointing to perhaps their bigger budget, larger team or other resources you don’t have, that’s not the answer. Sure, those things are always helpful, but the magic ingredient for getting traction is in one simple yet poorly understood word: community. And more specifically, participating in that community. Assemble your own personal army […]

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